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  • What comes in a caterpillar tunnel kit?
    Our caterpillar tunnel kits are provided with all of the hoops, pipes, fittings, polythene cover and rope needed to build a caterpillar tunnel. The only things not included are the rebar for locating the hoops (we recommend 12mm rebar cut to 75cm) and the end stakes (these can be either timber or steel and must be driven deeply to give a secure anchor). We also sell irrigation kits which include all the necessary parts to irrigate your tunnel from your water supply.
  • How many beds can I get in a caterpillar tunnel?
    Our caterpillar tunnels are 4.2m wide, giving enough space for 4 x 75cm beds with 40cm paths or 3 x 100cm beds with 40cm paths.
  • Can I use my caterpillar tunnel all year round?
    Caterpillar tunnels are designed to be mobile, this means the hoops are not permanently secured to the ground, but if care is taken during construction to make sure key points in the structure are secure, the tunnels will be able to endure high winds without damage whilst protecting sensitive crops. If you are concerned about how your tunnel will hold out during storms, please get in touch.
  • Do I need a forklift to unload my caterpillar tunnel?
    With the exception of very large orders, our tunnels are usually shipped in easy to handle packages meaning that no forklift is necessary to unload.
  • Do you ship to the EU?
    Yes. We are keen to provide high quality caterpillar tunnels to small farms across the European Union, although as our polytunnels are produced in Britain which is no longer a part of the EU customs union there may be customs duties to be paid. All EU customers will need an EORI number to place an order.
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